About Company

fCoder offers comprehensive image and document processing solutions for business purposes and personal needs. The company was founded in 1998 and since then has become the leader in document imaging, image processing and photo editing.

Document Imaging

Total reliability in data protection is the core aspect of document imaging approach offered by fCoder. Making the documents platform independent and secured from any outside amendments the software developed by the company makes any of the documents processed very easy to share and ensures that all the original data including any fonts, design elements and other data are preserved.

Universal Document Converter was one of the first products developed by the company in 2000. Thanks to its unprecedented document processing features the product quickly gained leading positions in the market.

Nowadays the number of the products offered by the company has increased, and each of them guarantees professional approach, high quality performance and reliability. Among the products offered by fCoder are: Print Conductor, FolderMill and DocuFreezer.

fCoder is proud of its customers worldwide. Among them are: Siemens AG, Xerox Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Rolls-Royce Energy Systems.

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Image Processing

Conversion of graphic files of all types, including very rare and outdated ones is provided by the image processing division of fCoder. Practically all the existing image formats can be converted into more universally recognized ones either one-by-one or in batch mode.

The very first image processing product was developed by the company in 1998 and remains popular nowadays. The program is called ImageConverter Plus and allows conversion of all types of images into a variety of formats without any or minimal loss of quality. The software is accompanied by numerous image effects and high functionality and meets the highest standards to image conversion and image processing.

Two other products - 2JPEG and 2TIFF appeared in the market in 2000. Based on the command line interface they offered additional image processing resources that could be used by large corporations with their database servers, by software developers and photolabs.

Hundreds of high-profile companies, including Ford, The Bank of Kentucky, City of Lincoln, Project Gutenberg, Nevada Irrigation District, Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc., CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc., IPC Association, SRS Technologies, Data Capture Solutions Ltd., SACS Medical AB, Matrix Imaging Solutions Inc., Prous Science Corporation, and ForteYang International Ltd. benefit from the reliable graphics solutions offered by the company's products.

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Digital Photo Editing

It's a rare photo that goes without editing. fCoder is ready to offer several resources that will enhance and improve any digital photo. Creative approach alongside with specific features will transform any ordinary image into something special evoking enjoyable memories.

Both the photo editing division and its first developed program called PhotoMix appeared in 1999. PhotoMix was first oriented on image collage creation, but then started to become popular with scrapbookers and anyone interested in new creative approaches to photography and design.

Photo editing solutions are now in demand with thousands of customers around the world. PhotoMix was recognized as an effective tool by several media, such as Chip, PC Answers, PC go!, and DigitalPhoto Camera.