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2TIFF is the image conversion software designed for IT professionals, workflow system integrators, corporate and independent software developers.

2TIFF business-class quality software is also suitable for IT-enthusiasts; one can use it free of charge for nonprofit projects, research and evaluation.
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Batch Image Converter

2TIFF can create TIFF files from 275 different documents and images. The list of file conversion options includes abilities to convert PDF to TIFF, JPG to TIFF, PNG to TIFF, and others.

Quick Image Resizer

2TIFF lets IT professionals quickly resize image files in batch mode preserving high image quality and keeping proportions of the source document.

Command Line Interface

2TIFF software is equipped with the command line interface. This lets system integrators use 2TIFF as the image processing core in the deployed corporate workflow system.


PDF to TIFF Converter

2TIFF lets users change the resolution of PDF during the conversion process. This helps pertain high quality of the resulting TIFF files.

Watermarking Images

Watermarking Images

Watermarking resulting image files is one of the features available with 2TIFF. Either a text or an image files can be used as the watermark.

Flip, Crop and Image Rotation

Flip, Crop and Image Rotation

2TIFF image conversion software enables the users to flip, rotate and crop images in the automatic mode.

2TIFF is the image processing software with the command line interface

2TIFF is based on the proprietary graphics engine component developed by fCoder. Thanks to this high quality graphics engine that has been constantly improved since 1998, 2TIFF is able to work 365 days a year and may be used within the corporate workflow system satisfying the highest requirements for business processes reliability.

Paul Hawkins, satisfied customer from from Dundas, Ontario said:

fCoder has done a great job! I use 2TIFF program for processing my image files. The fact that I have the flexibility to set the parameters needed to process an entire directory of image files is very efficient and convenient. You can't beat the price for these programs, and the support you receive is top notch. I have had a couple of situations, in which the support team was able to solve to my satisfaction in a very timely manner. If you work with a variety of image formats you can't go wrong with this set of programs.

Availability and Licensing

Download the free version of 2TIFF to evaluate its capabilities. Free version will provide exactly the same functionality, but each resulting file will have a text "Created by 2TIFF" attached to it.

Otherwise, the program offers three licensing options:

commercial license

Commercial License

Lets the user install, activate and run 2TIFF under one Windows user account. The price starts from $149.

site license

Site License

Lets corporate users install and run 2TIFF in all the company offices.

developer license

Developer License

Software developers can include 2TIFF to their own software installation kit and distribute it without any limitations.

Discounts are available starting from 5 licenses purchased. Nonprofit companies and governmental institutions can benefit from special discounting policy. Please apply to our support service for more information.

2TIFF News and Events

fCoder 2TIFF Works from Windows PowerShell - In the face of news coming from Microsoft, we want to reassure our users that 2TIFF works well from Windows PowerShell 5, 6, and 7 and other Windows command-line tools and interfaces.
2TIFF 8.3 is ready to Convert PDF to TIFF and JPG to TIFF in Batch Mode - fCoder Group, Inc. has released the updated version of 2TIFF. This command line tool ensures automatic conversion of files to the TIFF format and offers conversion resources for IT professionals, developers and advanced users in general.
Batch Convert Images and Documents in Seconds with 2TIFF 8.2 - 2TIFF, the image converter software that allows people to easily process documents, pictures and scans in "batch" mode for convenience and efficiency, has recently unveiled its latest 8.2 update.
Batch Convert JPG to TIFF using 2TIFF Command Line Tool! - 2TIFF command line tool can process more than 275 file formats converting them to TIFF via the command line. Exceptionally functional and time saving, this command line utility has been enriched with a number of new supported formats upon the release of the newest software version 8.2.
Convert PDF to TIFF Files Using 2TIFF 8.1! - 2TIFF command line image converter software can convert PDF to TIFF, JPG to TIFF, BMP to TIFF, PNG to TIFF, PCX to TIFF, variety of RAW formats originating from different cameras to TIFF, and many others.

About Company

fCoder provides numerous document and image processing applications for businesses, educational and governmental institutions as well as individual consumers worldwide. The company was founded in 1998 and successfully designs and develops its software solutions within its three divisions – document imaging, image processing, and digital photo editing.

Customer Support Service

You are welcome to contact our customer support service for any inquiries. We will readily explain to you how to most effectively use 2TIFF within your company and how to apply for a discount. Answers to the most common questions are published on the Examples page.