2TIFF Overview

2TIFF is a multifunctional command line utility for converting different types of documents and image files into the TIFF format. Apart from regular conversion 2TIFF offers a variety of additional image processing options, such as basic photo correction methods, watermark and image effects application (rotate, blur, sharpen, smoothing noise, grayscale, etc.).

2tiff converts PDF to TIFF pages

2TIFF supports the vast majority of files (about 275 total) for output conversion, and the program is enriched with new file formats on a regular basis.

2TIFF is totally based on the command line functionality making the image conversion and image processing fast and efficient regardless of the number of files involved. There are two methods of file processing: the program will scan the folders you specify as source folders, or will add the files from the list you create.

2TIFF can be started by using Windows run feature (click Win+R), from VBScrip, Java Script, batch file, or from your own software source code.

2TIFF offers a specific approach to the multipage files: it can split the files into separate ones, can convert specific pages out of a multipage file.

2TIFF is totally based on the command line interface. Thus, it can work nonstop 24/7.

2TIFF is free for non-commercial use. You can download its free version from this page.

Commercial license is required for using 2TIFF for business needs.