2TIFF Usage Examples

Examples you see below shows you how to use 2TIFF command line image converter tool. Please contact support team if you have any questions about 2TIFF software or need assistance.

How to start 2TIFF to work?

  1. Download and install 2TIFF
  2. Use Win+R hotkey or click Start button on the bottom-left corner of your Windows Desktop
  3. Enter the command line like:
    2tiff.exe -src "C:\Input\*.*" -dst "C:\Output"
  4. Press Enter
  5. For more examples please see complete description of 2TIFF command line parameters

How to start 2TIFF from VB Script?

  1. Open Notepad and create new text file in it
  2. Enter Visual Basic Script code like this:
    Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    objShell.Run """2tiff.exe"" -src ""C:\In\*.*"" -dst ""C:\Out""", 1, True
    Set objShell = Nothing
  3. Save this document as Unicode text file. For example: Test.txt
  4. Rename Test.txt file to Test.vbs
  5. Double click to Test.vbs file to start converting.

How to install 2TIFF silently?

Download the distributive file and save it on your hard disk. Run this command line to silently install free version of 2TIFF software:
2tiff-free-setup.exe /SILENT

Add serial number to the command line to silently install commercial version of 2TIFF:
2tiff81-commerc-setup.exe /SILENT /SN=BBBBBB-AAAAAA-DDDDDD-CCCCCC