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Convert PDF to TIFF Files Using 2TIFF 8.1!

The new updated version of 2TIFF - version 8.1 has been released by fCoder Group, Inc. with several improvements and enhancements. 2TIFF is based on the command line and is used for converting a variety of formats to the TIFF format. The software is in demand with IT professionals, large corporations and anyone who needs to process a large number of files at the same time.

2TIFF command line image converter software provides one of the largest selection of formats for output conversion. Among these are very popular ones as well as very rare ones: JPG to TIFF, BMP to TIFF, PNG to TIFF, PCX to TIFF, PDF to TIFF, variety of RAW formats originating from different cameras to TIFF, and many others.

2TIFF version 8.1 has been updated in its graphics approach. Flexibility in selecting the output format and image properties providing the high quality of the resulting files is a core aspect of the software functionality.

2TIFF is the proprietary development of fCoder Group, Inc. and is based on the graphics engine aimed at quick and reliable image processing solutions. It took about 15 years to develop it and enhance it, but now the customers have a chance to evaluate high quality conversion and file processing.

2TIFF is not just a converter – it can also apply several image effects on the resulting files. The program makes it possible to enhance the file quality - for instance, sharpen them, adding a watermark, etc. Besides, when the source file contains several pages (multipage file), either the whole file or just specifically selected pages can be processed.

More updates that have been introduced into 2TIFF image converter version 8.1:

  • Conversion PDF to TIFF
  • Conversion XPS to TIFF
  • Addition of more Photo Camera RAW format variations
  • New command line syntax
  • Optimized bilinear image resize algorithm
  • Support for extra large files of more than 4 gigabytes and more than 1000 megapixels in size
  • Free program version for non-commercial use.

Free version of the program can be downloaded from:

Commercial license costs $149. Discounts are possible with purchase of 5 or more licenses on: