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2TIFF 8.3 is ready to Convert PDF to TIFF and JPG to TIFF in Batch Mode

fCoder Group, Inc. has released the updated version of 2TIFF. This command line tool ensures automatic conversion of files to the TIFF format and offers conversion resources for IT professionals, developers and advanced users in general.

Batch Convert Images and Documents in Seconds with 2TIFF 8.2

2TIFF, the image converter software that allows people to easily process documents, pictures and scans in “batch” mode for convenience and efficiency, has recently unveiled its latest 8.2 update.

Batch Convert JPG to TIFF using 2TIFF Command Line Tool!

2TIFF command line tool can process more than 275 file formats converting them to TIFF via the command line. Exceptionally functional and time saving, this command line utility has been enriched with a number of new supported formats upon the release of the newest software version 8.2.

Convert PDF to TIFF Files Using 2TIFF 8.1!

2TIFF command line image converter software can convert PDF to TIFF, JPG to TIFF, BMP to TIFF, PNG to TIFF, PCX to TIFF, variety of RAW formats originating from different cameras to TIFF, and many others.