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Image Converter Plus command line is a comprehensive and powerful image conversion utility which allows the batch-processing of large numbers of graphics files at the same time. Its reliability and stability also make it the perfect graphics kernel for integration into your own software applications or for Web-server integration.

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with email images, electronic faxes and document scans? Just use Image Converter Plus command line to settle on a single uniform image size and file format, and discover that you can more easily:

Command line batch converter to TIFF
  • Store documents in a database
  • Send documents by fax or email
  • Use OCR software to convert them from TIFF format images to text files for later processing

Image Converter Plus command line is the ideal solution for those occasions when you have a large number of images which require conversion to TIFF format. With its feature rich command-line interface, Image Converter Plus command line is fully optimized and performs its work silently in the background. You need only specify the source and destination folders and the program will scan the source folder and all subfolders for image files. It will even create a report and replace the original source image files if desired.

Image Converter Plus command line is not just an image converter, but an image editor as well! You can, for example

  • Change the image size
  • Crop empty margins
  • Rotate the image
  • Correct the image for color
  • Combine groups of images into multi-page TIFF files

All of these operations can be applied to multiple files at the same time!

In fact, by simply writing a command console "batch file", you could set up a complex operation one time and then call the batch file every time you need to repeat the operation on a new batch of images. We've included a few sample batch files to get you started!

Image Converter Plus command line gives you complete control over color depth, resolution and compression method. Dithering and quantization functions enable the fine-tuning of TIFF image quality. You can create single-strip or multi-strip tiff files and choose from among a number of compression methods: CCITT FAX3, CCITT FAX4, CCITT RLE, ZIP, LZW, OLDJPEG, JPEG, PACKBITS.

Image Converter Plus command line can be easily launched from any Visual C++, Visual Basic or Delphi application, or even from any ASP script.

Download Image Converter Plus command line Version 8.0 (October, 2009)


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