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2TIFF 8.3 is ready to Convert PDF to TIFF and JPG to TIFF in Batch Mode

fCoder SIA has released the updated version of 2TIFF. This command line tool ensures automatic conversion of files to the TIFF format and offers conversion resources for IT professionals, developers and advanced users in general.

Apart from regular conversion tasks, 2TIFF can also resize the files and act as an image processing core for corporate solutions as well as side applications.

2TIFF offers unprecedented resulting file quality, which is mainly explained by proprietary developments of fCoder Group itself. The graphics engine used as the main conversion component is being continuously updated and enriched with new functionality. Thanks to the graphics engine, it is possible to load, render, resize and convert JPEG, PNG, TIFF, XPS, GIF, PCX, DCX, Bitmap and many different image files, pictures and scans.

Another strength of 2TIFF software is a set of modules for used for conversion automation. These modules allow 2TIFF users load and process PDF files, Microsoft Office and Open Office documents, Corel Draw, Autodesk AutoCAD and Solidworks files using public API of corresponding software products.

A combination of fCoder proprietary technologies and features available with other commercial products make 2TIFF a universal component that can be used on server, on workstations and in other similar software applications.

2TIFF version 8.3 offers the following enhancements:

  • Ability to combine documents to multipage TIFF file
  • Extended ability to specify image arrangement while resizing images
  • Ability to convert WordPerfect documents to TIFF
  • Added OpenOffice to TIFF conversion module
  • Added CorelDraw CDR to TIFF conversion module
  • Added PostScript PS to TIFF conversion module
  • Added EPS to TIFF conversion module
  • Added CGM to TIFF conversion module
  • Added dropcolor option.

Conversion modules that have already existed, have been updated:

  • Adobe PDF to TIFF
  • Microsoft Word to TIFF
  • Microsoft PowerPoint to TIFF
  • Microsoft Outlook to TIFF.

Availability and Licensing

2TIFF can be downloaded free of charge for evaluative purposes from:

Commercial software version is available for $149 at:

There also exist special licensing options for developers and large corporations. Volume purchasers can claim a discount.